Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Painting is HARD work!

We had to paint our home. It was time. We asked our friends and family for advice, for loans of their ladders and supplies, and for their help. We were so very blessed by what they gave us. For two days we had enough people to complete the majority of the task. To my sister and her boyfriend, my brother and his wife and their sons, my husbands brother and his wife.: THANK YOU!!! We love you guys! You all did such an awesome job!!!

This is the before picture. We were just getting started.

My very brave hubby climbing the ladder! He did such a good job!

I even put the kids to work! Here is Son#1 helping his Aunt paint the shutters.

I think this the only photo of me! I even got my brave on and climbed the roof.

This is the end of Day #2. We still have a bunch of trim and touch up to do, but the big hard stuff is finished. Whew! This was such a HUGE project!

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  1. Wow, that looks great!! My original winner never got back to me and you are first runner up for the 3 month membership to Jump Start :) Please email me your email address and first name, I will get you hooked up. Congrats!!


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