Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We have a seven month old. We love to camp. Generally speaking these two items do not go well with each other. It is difficult for all of us to sleep in a tent normally, but add a baby who feels that it is his duty and privilege to wake up at his leisure during the night to eat, and you have non-compatibility. However, we have come up with a compromise: daycamping.

All the fun of camping minus the overnight stay. We had a fire, the roasting of hot dogs and the makings of smores. We had Frisbee tossing, dirt digging, slingshoting and general laziness. We had a great time. The baby was happy, we were happy.

The baby was passed around to his delight and did rather well. The fresh air wore him out and he took a nice nap.

We never cease to be in awe of the amazing world that the Lord has created. This beautiful vista was a great place to visit, but we had to make it a quick trip due to lightening in the area. We spotted several trees that had been struck by lightening.

This is Son#3. He is such a monkey. We daycamped next to many large boulders, and the first thing that he wanted to do was scramble up to the top of them. He is my heart in my mouth child. I always feel like my heart is in my mouth with the crazy stunts that he pulls off.

Son#2 and Son#3 would dig a hole all the way to China if we let them. Anytime we go outdoors, they will begin a new hole. This time, he discovered a rusty old beer can. You would have thought that he discovered gold. We had to work hard to get him to rebury it. (There is no trash service or cans here in bear country- you pack it out and I didn't want to pack that out!)

The weather cooperated enough that we were able to have lunch and dinner over the fire. To me, hot dogs are best roasted over the campfire.
This is what Works For Me. Check out what works for others here.


  1. Great idea! This would be perfect to do with our son to get him used to camping before the real event!

  2. Really neat idea. Our van doesn't afford the room for all the overnight equipment plus us. Maybe this would be a good alternative! Thanks.


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