Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summertime Money Saver

When the temperature starts to rise in the summer, I have a huge money drain. We get very thirsty. Going into a gas station for drinks when we are out running errands runs me close to $10 every time. A fast food pit stop for something cool and wet? You guessed it $7-$10. This adds up very quick. I have come up with a solution that works great for my gang. Keep a large cooler in the trunk of my van stocked with drinks of all kinds. I either dump ice in to keep cool, or if I am planning ahead, freeze a bunch of water bottles and use those as both a coolant and a drink when they have melted a bit. It is really so simple, but I have found that the more simple something is- the least likely I am to think of it! That is what Works for Me, check out Works for me Wednesday for more awesome ideas.


  1. We have learned to keep water with us in the summers here. We have also learned to notleave it in the car. Right after we moved here, we did that--ONCE. I returned to take a drink, only to find my water was BOILING in the plastic bottle!

    I usually just bring large sippy cups with straws (that close; they're the Playtex ones) with cold water from the fridge. A cooler would be great for a longer time, thought we're not usually gone too often for long.

    I also do my summer grocery shopping at night. It keeps my food cooler (though I do put cold items in insulated bags).

    My grandmother used to always keep a cooler in her trunk with ice so that she could run to a few different stores in the summer. She would just put her cold items that she had purchased (milk, cheese, ice cream, meat, etc) in the cooler with ice, enabling her to get the best deals at a few stores before heading home.

  2. Great idea - something I need to remember to do! We drink mostly water anyway, so keeping a stocked cooler ready for our trips out would be a big help.


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