Sunday, May 24, 2009

Five Things that I am thankful for

I am so very blessed and as I was sitting in church today, I was feeling especially thankful. Here is a very mini list of some of the things that I am thankful for.

  1. For all the men and women who have served or are serving in the armed forces. Thank you so very much for your sacrifice for our country and the freedoms that we have the privilige to enjoy.
  2. For my hubby- whom we get to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. I have known the man for over 17 years and I am still completely in love with him.
  3. For having a great relationship with my brother and sister. I was very blessed to have been put together in the world with those two.
  4. For chocolate. I like it a lot. It makes the end of a long day a little sweeter.
  5. For rain. I love the smell of rain and the sound of rain. I even like puddles!

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