Thursday, April 5, 2012

Great Cheap Bathroom Cleaner

I have once again moved my little family- the third time in three years. I have picked up a few tips and tricks about moving and cleaning up the place that you are leaving. This year I found this little gem of a cleaner for your bathrooms- specifically  the shower stalls and tubs. It really can't be any simpler than this. 2 ingredients. Just two. Vinegar and Dawn dish soap. That is it. If the vinegar smell is something that bothers you, either decrease the amount, or just open the window. But, despite the strong vinegar smell, this is a great cleaner. I am going to keep right on using it.....right after I open the window!

Shower Cleaner
12 oz. white vinegar
12 oz. Blue Dawn dish soap
Microwave the vinegar until it is hot and pour into an empty spray bottle. Add the dish soap, gently shake to combine.

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