Monday, June 14, 2010

School is Out!

This year has been a harder year for us in many ways. Moving 700 miles away in the middle of the school year really disrupted us. However, we persevered and we finished this past Friday. I don't know who is more relieved to be done with this school year, the boys or me? To start off the summer  with a bang, the boys woke up on Friday to this summer stash. I have been stockpiling all sorts of fun summer things. They got a slip-n-slide, mini-lacrosse set, horseshoes, water cannons, glow sticks, marshmallow roasting sticks, water ball slingshots, Crunch-n-Munch, pop rocks and squirt guns. They were so excited! I also left them a note telling how proud I was of them for finishing the school year strong when I know that it was hard for them at times.  The bowl holding the glow sticks and the pop rocks was a fun craft that I did one afternoon. I followed this tutorial and got messy. It took me two bottles of glue, but it turned out really cool. I am going to use it for the fourth of July! Happy Summer! I hope that you get to go out and play in the sun!

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