Monday, June 14, 2010

Boys and Airplanes

One thing that most boys love is airplanes. Being that I have 4 boys, we seem to find our way to numerous aerospace and transportation museums. This past Saturday, we went to Hill Airforce Base to tour their aerospace museum. It was great! Everyone got see their favorite planes: the Mustang, the Jolly Roger, a Wright Brothers replica, a Curtiss P-40, an
F-16 and the impressive SR-71!

This is the Mustang- we all liked this one.

This is Son#1 with a Wright Brothers replica plane. We studied the Wright brother for several weeks this year and we really enjoyed seeing something similar to what we have been learning.

                                         This is a cool WWII era bomber. 

         Son  #2 has always loved pirates, so it was natural for him to declare the Jolly Roger to be his favorite!

                        Son #4 really liked all the planes. He is standing in front of a B-19 wheel. It was huge!

           Son #3 who is my natural tough guy, could envision himself flying this Curtiss P-40 with the face on it.

I am so humbled by the men and women who serve in the armed forces. We were blessed to get to talk to a few gentlemen who shared with my boys some of their experiences flying many of the aircraft that we viewed. Thank you to all who serve or have served our country. May God Bless you and your families! 

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