Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Latest Projects

I have been busy sewing these past few weeks. I made this car cozy for a sweet two year old who will be sitting in a car for 2 days. I hope that he will get a few hours of distraction with this! I used this tutorial to make the cozy. Easy directions to follow.

My next project was an eye-spy bag for another busy two year old. She has a serious case of the wiggles! I hope this will give her mama a few minutes to catch her breath! I followed the directions from this tutorial.

And lastly, I made up a couple of  pool bags with new towels for two of the sweetest girls that I know. I hope that they will look nice for them when they get a chance to go to the pool or the lake. One of the best things about these bags is that they are soft and wash great! I followed these great steps from this tutorial to get the job done.
I love love love to make things, but I really enjoy to make things for others. To my dear friends who received these gifts, I hope that you enjoy your time away. No one deserves it more than you all do. I love you ! Mwah!!

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