Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Races

My boys are typical boys. They love cars, races, crashes, and I do too! We spent last Saturday night at the local race track. They were celebrating their 15th anniversary and let everyone in for free! It was hot. It was crowded, but we had such a great time.

This is my sweet baby, he was so hot! We kept spraying him with water, but he just looked like a cherry tomato!

Son#3 had so much fun sitting with his brothers, picking who he thought was the winning car and cheering them on!

My 2 year old LOVES the cars, the noise , but he really like the "Big crashes!!"

These next two pictures are of the Train cars. These were so ridiculous that they were the best race of the night! You have three cars chained together, the first car has the engine and is the one who steers the contraption around the figure 8 track. The middle car is empty, and the rear car has a "driver" whose only controls are the brakes. He is responsible for braking and stopping the crazy train!

Lastly, this is my oldest. He has loved race cars for years!
What do you do with your kids that is a little unusual?

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