Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Most boys really like dinosaurs, mine are not an exception. Son #4 is entering into a really fun awareness about dinosaurs. We took an afternoon recently and brought the whole family to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point here in town. This is not your average dusty boring museum. This place is built for hands on exploring.

This is a replica of some large dinosaur bones, but you could touch these ones,. They have things like this all over the place. Buttons to push, things to feel, and fun activities to try out.

This was a station where you could build a dinosaur. All the pieces attached to the base either by heavy duty Velcro or by hooks and eyelets. This "creation" was what my kids came up with.

But by far, the best thing in this museum is the water table room. They have these huge water tables that have sand in them and the water is pumped and circulated through out.. Son #4 loved playing with the plastic dinos in the water. 
The older boys built dams and rivers and islands for over an hour.

Daddy even got his fair share of playing in the water and sand. 

This is such a great place to go for an afternoon. We had such a great time.

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