Friday, July 31, 2009

What we did on our summer vacation

We finally got up to the race track. We love to watch the races on Saturday evenings. This was the first race that we have made it to this year.
I don't know who enjoys this more . . . Mom and Dad or the boys.
Baby boy did great! He did not even mind wearing the headphones. He slept through the last three races, and did not mind the noise at all. I don't know why I worried that it would be difficult to take a baby to the racetrack, he did awesome!

We also went to our favorite camping spot on Deer Creek. I was worried about taking a baby camping. But he was a natural.

It was a little bit chilly in the evenings, but we just threw more wood on the fire and bundled up.

We also broke out the Stomp rockets. These were so much fun. This will be a repeated item next time that we go camping.

There is a park that is close by that has a great water feature that the boys love to play in. It has water that shoots up at random intervals, waterfalls, and little streams. It is very cool. We spent the afternoon playing in the water.

Even the baby got to splash a little!
We had a great time on our "vacation"! It is such a shame that we have to wait until December for our next time off of reality.

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