Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Countdown!

We are in our final week of school. Friday is "Finish Line Friday". I took the boys to the Dollar store and I let them each pick out water balloons in a different color. We are going to have a spectacular water balloon fight! I think that I am also going to surprise them with cake pops from Bakerellas site following these directions. However, I think that I won't make ours pink- it might not go over all that well with this group! If they turn out, I will post a pic or two later!

I am very ready for this school year to be done. We took off time when baby boy#4 was born, so our school year has extended itself into July. I really don't like doing school in July! However- I think that the boys have really learned a great lesson out of this. Following through is sometimes tedious and difficult, but finishing strong is a reward in itself! Four more days!!!!

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