Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vertical Cake

I love trying out new things. When I saw this tutorial for a vertical cake on I Am Baker, I knew I would be making one! I have been waiting for the right occasion, and this week, I found one! It was my friend's birthday!
 I think that it turned out pretty good. I happened to pick the most humid day that I have ever tried baking in to attempt this, which made things difficult,  but in the end, I made it work out. Here are a few notes about this well written tutorial. Don't skip any steps. Make sure that you freeze your cakes completely so they don't start falling apart on you when you are cutting them. Don't use to much of the simple syrup when you pour it on, it can make the cake soggy. Lastly, frosting can cover any errors- just pick a tasty one! I  tried out a new butter cream frosting- White Chocolate Butter Cream frosting, recipe found here. It was really good! I hope that you will try this cake- it really looks cool when you cut into it!

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