Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

  I like to make the boys Halloween costumes. However, this year, I simply did not have the time to sew them costumes. They boys looked over all the costumes in the store and decided that they would be aliens and ninjas. I think that they looked great! We had a great time trick or treating despite the rainy cold night. Son#4 REALLY liked the whole experience! He would faithfully say "Thank you" to each person. He was so sweet!

This is Sons #3 and 4- they made really good ninjas!

My oldest two sons- I kept wanting them to smile!

My little guy- he wore his bat sweatshirt all weekend lond. He would hold his arms out to make the wings and declare "Fly!!" So precious!

We had a great Halloween! Now off to hide some candy where the boys can't find it!

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