Thursday, July 15, 2010

A visit full of fun, family and lots of memories!

My sister and her husband Steve came to visit us over the fourth of July and we had such a great time! One hot afternoon we were playing in the backyard, and we got a little silly.

We played on the swings and the fort that is in our backyard and we had fun with the shadows.

It was the one year anniversary of Staci and Steves engagement, so naturally their shadows were a little mushy!

This is Son #2 in action! He was running in slow motion. I think that it came out good.

Even my husband got in on the fun!

Son #3 is in the picture, but it is still a cool picture!

This is Daddy and Son #4. I really like this one!

This was the best shot I got of Son #1 dancing, he was moving to quickly for my camera!

We caught Uncle Steve "thinking". I guess he did not want me to capture his mad dancing skills! This was such a fun thing to do. We had a great time trying new poses and silly ways of casting a shadow. The boys said that this was one of their favorite things that we did.

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  1. We had so much fun visiting you guys! We can't wait to see you again! It was sucha good time from day camping to making shadows on the fence. We are very easily amused! Love you guys!


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