Friday, May 14, 2010


I don't think that I have ever blogged about homeschooling before, but it is something that I believe in deeply and truly am thankful for everyday. We are very blessed to be able to homeschool, but let me assure you that it is never easy, but God has always provided a way for us to continue each year.

Here are my top ten reasons why we LOVE to homeschool:
  1. Flexibility- When we recently moved we stopped school and then restarted it when we were settled.
  2. Doing school in our jammies!
  3. The ability to focus on different levels. Being able to let my son excel at math and then slow down on spelling is a huge help!
  4. Reading out loud and hearing one of the boys say "I love this book, please don't stop there!"
  5. The closeness that we have .
  6. Being done with school before public school is out.
  7. Having the library to myself during midweek.
  8. I am learning new things every week.
  9. Really getting to know each boy.
  10. Being able to have Jesus at the center of all that we do, whether in science, Bible time, creative writing or even in math!

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  1. I love it!!!!! Your reasons are so true!! Plus... you can take a day off any time to do fun things like the zoo or movie or field trips.


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