Monday, February 1, 2010

#3 Son's Mario Kart Birthday Party

#3 son turned 8 this past month and he wanted to have a birthday party. So the planning began. He finally after much pondering decided that a Mario Kart birthday would be perfect for him since he LOVES to play that video game. So I went off to the Party supply store to get a lay of the land so to speak and found nothing, nada, ZERO. My little inner craft girl was screaming, WE can do this!!! So I gave in and this is what the party looked like:

These were the invites that we made.

And this was the Birthday banner that I put together.

We made a starting line up using Twinkies and mini oreos. This was very cute!

We naturally had to have a race car coloring craft. I got these at Michael's and they were a huge hit!

We had a racing cake. Son #3 picked his favorite car to put on the cake.

We made treat bags for the kids. The boys had a great time and I think that the guests did as well!

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