Saturday, August 21, 2010

Antelope Island

The boys and I are determined to explore the area around us. We had marked out Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake as a place that we wanted to explore and we were not disappointed! We are already planning on when to take Daddy out.

We brought a picnic lunch to eat on the beach.

We played in the water, but due to bugs (brine flies?) we didn't stay in the water or near the water for as long as we liked.

Notice in the bottom of the photo the black stuff on the ground? That was the mass of brine flies- they were disgusting! We had grand plans of building sand castles, but we were grossed out!
So we drove around the island to see what we could see- and we found an antelope! He stood so still the boys thought he was a statue!
We also found this guy. Apparently there is a large herd of bison living on this island. They are HUGE in real life. We were so glad that we were in the car.

We had a wonderful little trip here. We can't wait to explore more of this new place that we have found ourselves in.

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